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Crafting That Perfect Personal Statement

When you applied for your undergraduate program, you wrote an admissions essay that accompanied your application. You either used one of the “common application” essay prompts or one that your institution provided to you. And you knew how important it was to write an engaging, compelling essay that would make you memorable in the minds of the admissions decision-makers.

Now that you are ready to apply for graduate and/or professional schools, you will also be writing one or more admissions essays – only now they are called personal statements.

Sometimes, a personal statement essay may be required as a part of a career position application as well.

Whatever your reason for personal statement writing, you are probably here because you are nervous about writing them and are wondering if we can help you.

The short answer is yes, we can – we have a professional writing staff that has crafted a huge number of winning personal statement essays over the years. They know how this is done, and they are ready to help you with yours. 

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The Process

In the application process, you will be given prompts, usually with options. Most graduate and professional programs provide about five prompts and ask that you choose two for essays. There will also be length requirements. Your job is as follows:

  1. Read each prompt carefully and several times over. You want to be certain that you understand exactly what is being asked for.
  2. Go through each prompt individually and do a little brainstorming. What might you be able to write about to satisfy that prompt? It’s good to make a list in writing for each one.
  3. Go back over your lists and decide which two will give you the most to write about and which two have elements that are especially engaging – either humorous, inspirational, or even a bit intriguing. What stories can you tell that will hold a reader’s interest?
  4. Once you have selected your two, your process of brainstorming should occur again. You want to have as many elements as possible, so that you can combine some and eliminate those that are just not as appealing.
  5. Your list is not your outline. You now need to organize the points you will be making, usually starting with the most important.
  6. The process at this point is the same as you have always used to write an essay. Write the body paragraphs first, leaving the introduction for last.
  7. You also need a thesis statement – an overriding statement related to what you are about to reveal about yourself. This will go at the end of your introduction.
  8. Once your body paragraphs are completed, think about your conclusion. Usually, a good conclusion for a personal statement essay is NOT just a summary of your points. The conclusion should hit upon what you learned from the experiences you wrote about – about life, about people, or about yourself.
  9. Now you are ready for your introduction. It must be smashing. Begin with a short, perhaps startling or humorous statement. Tell a quick anecdote perhaps. The point is you need to grab the reader’s attention immediately and make them want to read the essay to see what you are talking about.

Obviously, the review and editing is critical. So much is riding on these essays, you cannot afford to have even one comma out of place. If you are not really confident in your writing skills, have someone who is review and edit your essays. Too much is at stake to be complacent about this.

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