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It’s a “biggie.” It’s the final step in that long arduous process of coursework, exams, research papers, etc. to get that degree. You’ve been through a lot, and you’ll be going through a lot to get that dissertation finished too.

If you are here, it’s because you are looking to see what types of help you can get from our writing service. Let us tell you about that.

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What We Do for Our Dissertation Customers

We offer academic writing products and services to students at all academic levels. For your purposes, however, let us be specific.

  1. You determine the types and levels of help you need. This is done by contacting our customer support department and letting an agent know exactly what you are looking for. This may change as you go through the process, but let’s focus on what you need right now.
  2. You will need to provide lots of information about your dissertation. Do you have the research question or are you still just at the point of having a general topic area and idea of what you want to research?
  3. Once we know your disciplinary field and the topic area, we can locate and assign the project to a Ph.D. scholar in your field.
  4. From this point forward, you collaborate with your assigned researcher and discuss with him/her what you want/need.

We will determine pricing based on what you request, and you need to understand that we have a progressive payment feature for our dissertation customers. You can pay as you go.

How to order

1.Visit our site and fill out an order form

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We Can Take You Through the Entire Dissertation Production

Let’s start with your research question. If you know the specific area you want to research but have not codified that question into an academically sound format, let your expert do that for you. He has had plenty of experience formulating research questions that advisors and committees will find acceptable.

Beyond that, here are the other services you can get:

  1. The Dissertation Proposal. You cannot proceed with your dissertation until you advisor and/or committee approves your research proposal. There are very specific sections and together they show that you have a well thought out plan and justification for a research project that will contribute to your field. These are often not approved the first time through, but your expert knows exactly how to craft one that will be.
  2. The literature review. This is a task that most dissertation writers dread. Finding all of the directly relevant research that has gone before without missing an important piece, and then synthesizing it into that chapter/section is not exciting. But it is necessary. Your consultant will locate that literature and provide summaries as you need.
  3. The research design. This was a part of your proposal, and it is something critical to the success of your project. You need a design and instruments that are going to gather the data you need to prove significance. It will have to be carefully constructed with well-defined experimental and control groups or the appropriate sampling of a population to be studied.
  4. The research. Here is where you act alone. Your consultant can help you set it all up, but the actual implementation is yours to do locally. This is why we are greatly amused when unscrupulous writing services state you can buy dissertation projects in total. Exactly how did they conduct local research that your advisor has approved? Once your data is gathered, however, you can turn it over to your personal expert who will prepare a textual and graphical presentation that will shine.
  5. The analysis. Her is where you prove your research was worthwhile and showed something significant. Choosing the right formulae, crunching those number, and then presenting those findings in a scholarly way comprise an entire chapter/section. But your expert has done this before and can do it for you too.

Introduction and Conclusion. You know these are written last. And you know they are critical. The introduction must lay the groundwork and whet the appetites of your readers. The conclusion must wrap it all up, explain to any constraints, and point future researchers in good directions. Count on your expert to craft amazing intros and conclusions – he has done this before many times.

You Can Count on Us

At Powered Essay, you will find all that you are looking for in terms of dissertation or thesis writing service. We have the expert academicians and the ability to give you as little or as much help as you need, even if it is just editing and proofreading what you have already produced.

We will meet your deadlines, guarantee your confidentiality, and give you the amazing products/services you deserve for your money.

Call or live chat with one of our customer support agents today, and let’s get you going.

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