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Quality Assurance

Quality of research and writing is a big issue with a lot of writing companies. Not at Powered Essay. We begin with the best writers in the business. We put another layer of quality assurance on top of that with an editing department that reviews every page of every essay, paper, or other product. Our editors check the following:

  • Organizational structure, style, language, and composition that is scholarly and appropriate for the academic level of the customer.
  • Adherence to every detail of the customer’s specifications
  • Authenticity and suitability of resource materials
  • Plagiarism – every page is scanned and certified original
Is This Legal?

You bet it is. We are an online retailer, selling products and services, and you are a customer purchasing them. There is no law anywhere in the world that prohibits you from using our service.

And think about this. How many famous people, including politicians, use ghostwriters? Most all of them, actually. You are in good company.

What Kinds Of Writing Services Do You Offer?

We call ourselves a full-service, “one-stop shop” for any student, at any level of study. We produce essays, term/research papers, book reviews, analyses, case studies, lab reports, presentations, admissions essays, theses, dissertations, and anything in between.

We also have STEM experts with graduate degrees to help with tough assignments.

And, if you just need someone to review and edit something you have already written, bring it on.

Will Other People Know That I Am Using Your Service?

Never. When you give us your personal information (we have to have it to get in touch with you), it goes into our encrypted system, protected by solid firewalls. You have an ID number, and that is how you are “known” on our site and by your writer.

Why Should I Use A Writing Service?

Well, if you are a great writer, and if you have lots of time to produce all of your own writing assignments, you don’t need us. But, if you are pressed for time; if you have too much “on your plate;” if you are getting grades lowered because of your writing; if you just really dislike the topic you have been assigned, then, yes, you do need help. And that’s exactly why we are here for you.

What Can An Online Writing Service Do For Me?

We can’t answer for others, but here is what we can do. If you have writing assignments that are just too much or that you just don’t have time to do, you can turn them over to us. We have a large staff of researchers and writers with degrees and plenty of experience. They can take on those assignments that you are dreading and deliver a perfect piece of writing back to you.

Why Should I Trust Your Service?

Check out the rest of our website. You’ll find lots of information about how we do business. We have written policies that give guarantees to our customers, such as plagiarism-free writing, customer satisfaction, and a money-back guarantee.

Yes, these are just words. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out writing service review sites, and you will find that our reputation is outstanding. We deliver what we promise – no exceptions.

You can also “run” your own test. Fill out an order form for a short essay assignment, and let us show you how we do business. You’ll be thrilled with what you get.

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